Shifting Context

Upside Down

It started one way… Shifted and great with better granularity. I am not sure what happened to it as it shifted. Just, the ideas that were so clear at the beginning of the conversation, who was in the conversation all shifted. The context… shifted and shifted again and again.

Now shifted

I am not sure how it happened… The granularity shift. Now there are things that need to be looked upon… the connections that were so clear; no longer.

What is this? Simple? Shift? It is just a wonder that each moment is somehow without a moment of clarity. For, the context of the engagement was not as it seemed from the beginning. Perhaps it is projection error on my part. Perhaps, there are many moving parts that are now… not available. One wonders. One is humbled with the shift.

How it it possible? That something so seemingly clear is now so muddy?

And another…

The wonder of each sudden shift. Time to leave it there. For, when each shift seems so foundational and shifting… the musing gets muddied … Time to just leave it there.

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