2023 Project Framing Resources

Here is the Link for how I think about projects:

Bill Bartels – Organization Communications and Development | Systems Process Advising Website: https://gsiodac.blog

I think in and use Mind Maps (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map) to illustrate processes. My favorite, current tool is made by Simplemind (https://simplemind.eu). There is a free version and a pro version. Export of a given map also creates an outline of the map in .TXT file form. (Here is a link to the outlines)For those who thing in a more linear way, this allows the creation of that list or matrix. This allows a flow or method of checking alignment and evaluating aspects of projects.

The basic form of an evaluation process identifies; Foundational Values and Principles – Core Business or Project – Products (A product is any unique offering, service, project, partnership or item) – Revenue Architecture of each offering, service, or product – Systems of Support – Team.

Each of these headings are balanced in relationship to: Specific Projects – Scope – Scale – Context – Competency – Capacity.

This is not a form to fill out. It is an evaluation and prioritization tool to assess, develop an operations plan, identify and prioritize shifts or pivots, foster a deeper analysis of the project or process, and a way to get arms around complicated systems.

What follows are the current six maps which allow assessment of the projects where I advise or collaborate. This process applies to any element or elements in relationship to a larger whole.

I hope you enjoy the process.


Here is a deep dive into other filters and methods for working with the project: Link