The Mocking page to invitation


“… the truth will make you free.” John 8:21-32

The candle in the cave.

Light warming the darkness.

That place where, the empty page invites.

That place where the empty staff; music calls.

The invitation to dance with lyric, narrative, melody and poetry.

The invitation to dance in all creation.IMG_7932

Easy to put ‘truth’ in the context of demand.

Easy to put ‘truth’ in frame of law…

When the lenten candle lights the cave …

In preparation, in solitude, in quiet reflection…

In the cacophony of voices… all call truth…

Light warming darkness.

The meal inviting communion.

The soft touch of …

The light caress of …

The Candle in the cave.

No mocking.


No mocking.

And so the lyric, the narrative…

That lenten muse…

For in moment, in communion.

The page embraces.

The staff enfolds.

And the song pours forth.

In call creation.IMG_7934

Amen, and amen.

Amen, and amen.


Renewing a system…

The process of renewing. We speak of progressive maintaining. We speak of lifecycle cost. We speak of differed Maintenance.  Each has a point of emphasis. Each has a series of underlying narrative that sets the foundation for the analysis that creates a cost benefit.


The elements of linked system are described. The assumptions of each system… described. In that description; the links, foundations, stresses, all of the connected tissue, come to awareness. A series of observations and tests are conducted to assess the connected nature … In planning it would be called nexsus.

Now phases…

Perhaps an element is discovered to have multiple layers of links to a greater and lesser element. Even, in a surprise discovery or enlightened awareness, a connection, thought in one way… emerges in another… This phase of description and discovery give so much granularity and context to the scope and scale of the queries to this complex connection of elements.

There is the from what…

Removing the ‘should of’ –  ‘could of’ – ‘would of’… And the result… the What.

Planning a to what…

Now comes the so what to get in the way or disrupt the jouney or deployment planning… Laughter ensues.

So for the moment… there we leave it… festering in a dance of redux. Gaining energy to burst into next steps…

Bursting into renewing… or finishing the degrade to make room for the renew.


Learning … and curiosity

Digging into a couple of sets of notes from long time clients. Seeing a couple of complete misses with our conversation. Deployment of ‘solutions’ that were so out of sync with their projects…

The beauty of this digging is that I get to try again. We remain in engagement. They remain clients. They remain invested in growing their business. They remain interested in finding, focusing, practicing, and growing in the craft, consultation, and service that is the core of both their business and practice. Me too!

The map that popped out this morning is yet another iteration of deployment. The more I learn the less I know. And … the deeper is my curiosity about the whole of systems that are driving both the engagement and the client’s willingness to continue to do the work.

It is not about a finish line. It is about the practice of pivot, flex and shift that drive better work, better engagement, even, better outcome. The wonder of this work is the willingness to explore a different way. To allow the pivot and abandonment of a thing that no longer works. The solution is not my deployment. The solving is the work of description, identification, questioning and then … crafting answers that fit with congruence the presenting challenge.

In deep gratitude to the adventurous partners in this consulting practice.

Scope, Scale and Context

As with questions… Who, What, Where, When, How and Why…. Scope, Scale and Context add to the frame. A conversation about this or that disaster… Major, I am saying MAJOR… until the frame shifts to scope and context. Major in relationship to what context…

The sink overflowing… on a slab on the wash porch on the patio… on the third floor of the apartment that has just been remodeled with fine imported hardwood floors… on the second floor and the roof collapsed and the kitchen stove tipped over and started a fire… and… and… and…

Friends, ran out of gas on the way home from a party, that we both attended. As they coasted to a stop, we pulled in and asked to help… a long walk turned into a pleasant drive to get some gas, pour it into an empty tank and … soon after, all were homeward bound. Scope, scale and context.

A disastrous meeting of two vehicles on the road… speed, impact, … oh my. Again, scope scale and context.

When a regulatory scheme is deployed, what is the scope, the scale and the context. From the regulator’s vision? From the regulated’s vision? Ah the permutations that can come from this set of variables.

Then, what happens when the three variables are not congruent or the responses are out of wack or… the train wrecks that can come from assumptive response of scope, scale and context. Such a wonderful world to explore.

A gift of just three words in relationship.