Riffing… first on the prayer… then… well then on speed…

Praying about the whole of life.
Our Father, who art in heaven…Hallowed be thy name.
Holy Creation, all of the universe, hallowed in every part.
Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven
Present Now, Present Here, Laws and Loves dancing all and all and all.
Give us this day, our daily bread
From and for, this all of holy creation, every part of mana and life giving water
And Forgive Us our Trespasses
Hold up our feet of clay and let a learning, humbling and forgiveness be given.
As WE forgive those who trespass against us.
Invited, we hold up, our collective feet of clay and let learning, turning and forgiveness be.
Save us from the time of trial
In our conflict, opening our hearts in compassion, both of and with.
And Deliver us from evil,
In our collective, that we would use love to contain our evils,
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory,
For in thou, the all and all and all of creation; home, hearth and community
For ever and ever
All Alpha and Omega

The speed of …
The long form… you know… all of creation, all of time, all of…

The mid-length form… you know… a good life, a good run, a good journey, a good voyage, …

The short form… every few days… a thoughtful piece…

The hyper form… something every day… every single day… with hype and dash… leading with the bleeding…

The super hyper form… the talking head… analysis blather… the spill of shape, the same shot… just from a slightly different angle… the analysis of the infinity of possibility… unconnected from … just spinning and spinning…

The alternative dimension form… seeing all of the possible causative connections… the spilled glass in the neighbors house… three blocks down… as it is connected with the turtle race in the city park… across the country… and now, let us go to … June… how do you relate to November… now let us compare that to …

The amazing causative … disconnected, amped up, louder and louder… just on this short walk … in the morning air.

Breathing in the gaps. A gift. A great and kind gift. Humbling, and up-lifting. Both … both,

A Flexible Rule of Three

We seek to solve a problem… however, the elements of the problem are not clearly defined. The rule of three… an input, a process, an output. At a scope, a scale, and in a context. A who, a what, a where… with a when, a how and a why. Rinse and repeat. Deeper and deeper goes the wander. with each pass, a greater clarity can come. In the growing moras of a challenge; a new pass in the rule of three. The rule, when the questions are in the incorrect order… may kick up a fuss that says a point has been missed. True. In this miss, the projection error can now be corrected.

Movement from blather to insight. Perhaps insight through blather. Just a touch to understand that questioning in engaged moment can move a culture far along a path. Most especially, when the whole of the culture practices the questions of this simple rule. Not to find a one correct answer … no; to engage the garden that is found in the dialogue.

Shifting Context

Upside Down

It started one way… Shifted and great with better granularity. I am not sure what happened to it as it shifted. Just, the ideas that were so clear at the beginning of the conversation, who was in the conversation all shifted. The context… shifted and shifted again and again.

Now shifted

I am not sure how it happened… The granularity shift. Now there are things that need to be looked upon… the connections that were so clear; no longer.

What is this? Simple? Shift? It is just a wonder that each moment is somehow without a moment of clarity. For, the context of the engagement was not as it seemed from the beginning. Perhaps it is projection error on my part. Perhaps, there are many moving parts that are now… not available. One wonders. One is humbled with the shift.

How it it possible? That something so seemingly clear is now so muddy?

And another…

The wonder of each sudden shift. Time to leave it there. For, when each shift seems so foundational and shifting… the musing gets muddied … Time to just leave it there.

Putting things in context.

There seems to be an interesting issue that popped up today. That amazing moment when, out of the blue, an understanding that as a consultant, I am not following my own rules of setting questions in a context.

The wonder of … the boys and Mr. Bill.

Is it possible to see? After hours of client note input… the realization that the simple contextualization of the questions… who, what, where, when, how and why… was lacking in any sustainable format.

Every once in awhile, the format was grounded in context. Then, off the rails, it shifted to a hazy sense of form and function, simple questions, not anchored in scope, scale and context.

I’m not sure what that means except, once anchored in context, there is another set of clarity. The questions have a there – there to find grounding.

So there it is… a lesson from a rainy day. Anchored in context, a process takes on form and function. In that context, steps to shift, to grow, to find a succession plan, to fund a new endeavor… these all can find a path.

With out context, it is just blather. Actually, even with context it may be blather. That is a different issue. One for another moment. For the moment, it is a deeply felt lesson.