Current Work

Bartels’ Ranch est. 1898

A fourth generation family farming partnership of 30 acres; Established 1898; After 100 years of permanent orange tree crop; Currently partnered with Underwood Ranches in the production of row crops (peppers for Sriracha, artichokes, Brussels sprouts).

The operation is based in sustainable practice, organic process, healthy soil, and collaborative systems. From 1993 to 2003 the operation used curbside green waste from a nearby city as mulch in permanent tree crop. Profitability, soil health and efficient water use are all elements of the sustainable nature of the operation.
*Managing Partner, Bartels Family Partnership January 1994 to Present
*Manager, Bartels Ranch October 1986 to December 1993
*Trustee, Albert and Evelyn Bartels Trusts January 1994 to April 2007

GreenSource est. 1993

Organizational development and communications since 1980

A consulting company specializing in organizational communication and development, farm management systems, land use entitlement, facilitation, project coordination and creative collaboration.
*President, GreenSource Incorporated March 1996 to Present
Partial Client List: Fillmore and Western Railway,

Economic Development Collaborative,

The Ventura County Film Commission.

Small Business Development Center – Ventura County,

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