Learning … and curiosity

Digging into a couple of sets of notes from long time clients. Seeing a couple of complete misses with our conversation. Deployment of ‘solutions’ that were so out of sync with their projects…

The beauty of this digging is that I get to try again. We remain in engagement. They remain clients. They remain invested in growing their business. They remain interested in finding, focusing, practicing, and growing in the craft, consultation, and service that is the core of both their business and practice. Me too!

The map that popped out this morning is yet another iteration of deployment. The more I learn the less I know. And … the deeper is my curiosity about the whole of systems that are driving both the engagement and the client’s willingness to continue to do the work.

It is not about a finish line. It is about the practice of pivot, flex and shift that drive better work, better engagement, even, better outcome. The wonder of this work is the willingness to explore a different way. To allow the pivot and abandonment of a thing that no longer works. The solution is not my deployment. The solving is the work of description, identification, questioning and then … crafting answers that fit with congruence the presenting challenge.

In deep gratitude to the adventurous partners in this consulting practice.

Just up the road…

I wonder at the stunning images that are painted in each moment as the sun rises in the valley. Standing for just a few moments in the breaking dawning of this day. The brush of the sun … the shadows in grand shift. The light breeze of morning. Now, a bit later, the sun begins to come in through the office window. It has risen over the hill and kisses the cabinets behind me. The light in the office shifts.

The pile of notes, trinkets, letters, contracts… all the parts of daily conduct… litter the upper part of the desk. It is a goal of christmastide to file or toss, recycle and find proper place… after the shifting light stops holding my attention.

Perhaps some practice of a tune will find its way into the mix of putter that is a lovely Sunday morning. That putter practice of having a tune work itself out.

Perhaps this afternoon will yield a nap. The plan that was for this afternoon found itself executed yesterday evening. So… there is much room for an alternative set of putter plans.

Years ago, a younger group of crew learned to putter on a walking trip into a downtown where none of us live anymore. It has informed so many gatherings since. The putter practice. That moment of seeing in clarity and then holding that seeing in a putter plan.

Just up the road. With thanks… puttering, just up the road.

How is that possible…?

As we move from one place to another, so many little processes, taken for granted, suddenly don’t work in the new space. How is that possible?

As a child grows… those clothes that were so comfortable … suddenly no longer fit. How is that possible?

The tree, planted a mere 70 years ago is suddenly breaking down, losing limbs, falling from the ground. His is that possible?

The need to preserve, to hold constant, to always have a thing in a certain way… that brittle moment of; on no, it broke and now it is lost. How is that possible?

What does a vital, fostering, dynamic, system look like? All of those aspects. When one starts to break down, to shift, to move… is there room to continue to foster and be in connection or, do we need to cut it away? Or, is there a larger play? What is possible?

They dynamics of living in dynamic systems is a wonderful challenge. The creation, gestation, birth, growing, reaching a peak, moving to mastery, moving to elder wisdom… the cycling gift of and wonder of this place that we live. What is possible?

From What to What…? All in the possibility.