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Bill Bartels

1187 Ojai Street Fillmore, California 93015

(805) 990-5946

GreenSource Inc.


Bill brings over 40 years in the practice of organizational development and communications to his engagements. He is a farmer, coach, generalist manager, musician, life-long student, and teacher. He is and has been engaged in civil, civic process in government, public policy development and implementation, cooperative organizations, education institutions and sustainable and organic farming systems for over 30 years. He facilitates scenario response planning and work through civil – disciplined dialogue, partnership and contextual analysis of entire systems.

Bartels Ranch, a family farming partnership

A fourth generation family farming partnership of 30 acres; Established 1898; Until 2004 the ranch had been in permanent orange tree crop; Currently partnered with Underwood Ranches in the production of row crops (peppers for Sriracha, artichokes, Brussels sprouts). 

The operation is based in sustainable practice, organic process, healthy soil, and collaborative systems. From 1993 to 2003 the operation used curbside green waste from a nearby city as mulch in permanent tree crop. Profitability, soil health and efficient water use are all elements of the sustainable nature of the operation. 

*Managing Partner, Bartels Family Partnership January 1994 to Present 

*Manager, Bartels Ranch October 1986 to December 1993

*Trustee, Albert and Evelyn Bartels Trusts January 1994 to April 2007 

GreenSource Inc. Fillmore, California 

An Organizational Development and Communications company specializing in succession and multi-generational organizational development, farm management systems, land use entitlement, facilitation, project coordination and creative collaboration.

*President, GreenSource Incorporated March 1996 to Present 

Partial Client List: Fillmore and Western Railway, Economic Development Collaborative, Small Business Development Center, The Ventura County Film Commission, The City of Oxnard, CA, Ag Land Investments, The City of Fillmore, CA 

*Project Manager, ‘The GreenSource Project’ August 1993 to September 2003 

Ventura County Planning Commission 

Appointed by the Board of Supervisors to take actions and make recommendations regarding land use and planning matters. The Commission conducts public hearings, considers the proposals and the information provided by the Planning Division staff, applicants and members of the public, and reviews the recommendations of staff. 

*Member and Chair in rotation January 1997 to May 2009 

Santa Clara Elementary School 

Music for Kindergarten through the sixth grade. Based on chime sticks, vocal music, harmony singing, basic building blocks of note reading and song structure; multi-grade practice groups. 

*Teacher and support for arts in the classroom including music, support for special programs, sound support, coordination and general music education March 2010 to June 2012 

City of Fillmore, California

A full service city of just under 15,000 governed in Council/Manager form. 

*Deputy City Manager July 2007 to February 2010

*Interim City Manager March 2009 to April 2009

As Consultant to the City Manager:

*Economic Development/Resource Manager July 2006 to June 2007 

*Resource Manager July 2005 to June 2006 

*Recycling Coordinator/Special Projects August 1993 to June 2005 

Tallman Farm Tillamook, Oregon 

A dairy operation in Tillamook County, Oregon. 

*Farm Foreman February 1985 to October 1986 

Parrott Creek Ranch Inc. Oregon City, Oregon 

Parrott Creek Ranch is a residential treatment facility serving male wards of the court aged 13 to 19. The campus includes an on campus school facility, independent living house, dorm, full service kitchen facility and 24 hour staffing. The program’s goal is to graduate clients who view themselves and their environment with respect. The treatment modality is a 3-6 month residential stay in combination with family treatment. Education, family counseling, and residential staff combine and coordinate services to achieve this goal. 

*Supervising Youth Care Specialist/Residential Program Supervisor September 1983 to February 1985 

*Shift Coordinator/Client Advisor/Teacher/Principal May 1981 to September 1983 

*Childcare Worker September 1980 to May 1981 


*California Agricultural Leadership Fellowship Fellow of 23rd Class 1993-1994 

*Bachelor of Arts in Sociology May 1980 Whitman College Walla Walla, Washington 

Bill Bartels Career Narrative 2021

Bill’s work focuses on collaboration and facilitation in: farming, music, creative process, economic development, municipal and regional government, politics, land use planning, transportation,  public policy, and social work. Bill does this work at a personal, company, multi-generational, and system wide level. He consults with, and for, a diverse portfolio of partners and clients. These range from farm systems and regulation to, community services and organizational development. Bill’s work has engaged both private and public agencies, and companies. 

Bill is the current managing partner of the Bartels Family Partnership, a fourth-generation family farming partnership established in 1898 and currently partnered with Underwood Ranches in the production of diversified row crop. This diversified family farming operation is based in sustainable practice, organic process, healthy soil, and collaborative systems. 

Bill is also the President of GreenSource Inc., an organizational development, policy management, and coaching company, founded in 1993 as an off-shoot of sustainable farming processes to develop and facilitate the use of urban green-waste as a mulch product in permanent tree crop. 

Bill has experience in: facilities design, supervision and management (annexation, area planning, public pool facility, household hazardous waste permanent collection facilities, closed landfill mitigation and post closure management, and industrial waste collection systems with post collection materials management, development entitlement); emergency response (including incident management and training in the National Incident Management System [NIMS]); biological pest control (growing facilities, in-field management, system development); permaculture soil development; budgeting and public finance accounting; security, education and incarceration systems for adults and juvenile offenders; farming (permanent tree crop, dairy, dry land cattle, row crop and grassland management). 

Bill has served as staff member, choral musician, assistant conductor, conductor, director of music, composer, and artist in residence for the Bardsdale United Methodist Church. Music rehearsal and performance is a core practice and systems engagement method. 

Bill is a member of the Ventura County and California Farm Bureau Federation and the International City/County Manager’s Association. He is a past president and board member of the Fillmore Citrus Protective District (a cooperative biological control district insectary). He completed service in 2018 on the Oversight Boards for the Designated Local Authority of the former redevelopment agency for the city of Santa Paula, CA and the successor agency of the Piru Area Redevelopment Agency. Bill served on the Ventura County Planning Commission for 12 years. 

Bill has a B.A. in Sociology from Whitman College. He is also a past fellow (23rd Class) of the California Agricultural Leadership Foundation. 

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