Support Services for Locations

What are Support Services?

Support Services are available to you …

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Support ServicesCrewFilm SupportLocal ServicesPhotographerAnimal RentalsConstructionMake-up Artist/ Hair Production Coordinator CateringCleaning ServicesMedical SupportStudiosLocationDescription of Services
101 North Productions x
76 Movie Ranch - Allied Studios
Allied Studiosx
Arcelia Martinezx
Bart's Booksxx
Blackburn Filmsx
California Film Commission
Carsten Scherztex
Cayden Kelby
City of Camarilloxx
City of Fillmorexx
City of Moorparkxx
City of Santa Paulaxx
City of Simi Valleyxx
City of Thousand Oaks xx
County of Venturax
El Paca Pasturesx
Fillmore Building Supplyx
Fulkerson Hardware x
Golden State Lifeguards
Jennifer Christensen
Kaylin Marie Hayman
Patterson Hardware
ReGEN Haus
Rolls Scaffolding
San Jon Maintenance Yard
Sarah Werner
Sunset Protective Services and Investigations
T & T Crane
The Charhouse BBQ x
VC Film Liaison
Ventura County Event Medical Standby
Ventura County Film Commission
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wheel Fun Rentals


Is a film permit necessary for all locations? 

Everyone filming within Ventura County must engage in the permit process to determine whether or not a permit is required.

Permitting Company
How long does it take to get a permit? 

Depends on the shoot and the location. The longer time that the permitting jurisdiction can have the better.

 Who do I get a permit from?

In Ventura County there are many different permitting agencies. First determine the location address for the shot. After that, the liaison’s office or the website can direct you to the proper permitting agency or agencies. For more clarification check out this mapping done to facilitate the process → still in process may be a context issue 


1. From the home screen, click on the “Search Permits” button located near top of screen.
2. Click on desired permit city.
3. When the drop-down menu appears choose, “Click for Website” button.
The website will have the permit you are looking for.

A Location Scout / Producer 
How to Browse Location
      1. From home screen, hover over “Browse Locations” button located near top of screen
      2.  Selection desired region from drop-down menu
        You may also select specific regions from home screen by scrolling down to “Explore Ventura County” section.
Does a production's COVID compliance officer have to be a person hired / approved by the county or are we able to designate the role to an employee? 

According to the industry Guidance for Union Shoots, the COVID compliance would be the first Assistant Director. As for nonunion,  the compliance officer has to be an employee or a member of the production team, physically present onsite and who is the point of contact for queries for inspection or concerns and is available to actually answer the phone or respond to email. Per the governor’s directive, industry is responsible for compliance to guidelines. 

What are the special requirements for filming and COVID - 19 transmission disruption ?

The State of California has identified that this industry, Music, film, and television production, can reopen beginning June 12, 2020 subject to approval by county public health officers. The Ventura County Public Health Officer will allow this industry to begin operating in Ventura County provided the following criteria are met:

Additional Clarification:
The County of Ventura requests that each permitting agency incorporate the language of these four requirements into their permitting process. Local officials may follow-up with a site inspection. A written COVID-19 prevention plan is not required as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer will be responsible for ensuring the protocols are followed and for meeting with the site inspector as needed. These businesses are not required to register at VCReopens. Instead, the permitting process will satisfy the attestation requirement.


Submitting your listing is simple and we’ve made entering your information easy and streamlined. Just fill out and submit the required information including any photos of your listing. As soon as the site administrator has reviewed the listing, it will either be published or, if there are questions, the liaison’t office will reach out to clarify.


Signing Into Site

      1. Click on “My Account” located near the top-right corner of the screen.
      2. Fill in “Username” and “Password”
      3. Click “Sign In” button.


      1. Click on “Submit Listing” button located on near top of screen.
      2. Fill in form parameters. Make sure to check “Send me a copy of my responses” near bottom of page.
      3. Click “Submit Listing” button.
How to Search Listing
      1. From home screen find enter search parameters in “Keywords” drop-down menu.
      2. Select desired city from “All Regions” box.
      3. Choose specific category from “Any Category” box.
      4. Click “Search Listings” button.


HOW DO I EDIT A LISTING? (Sign-in needed first)
    1. From home screen, click on “My Account” button located on upper-right.
    2. Find desired profile to edit from list. Under title of Listing, locate and click “edit” button. (button looks like a pencil).
    3. Make desired changes.
    4. Click “Save changes” button.
What does listing my location or service mean?

Listing your locations means we are interested in having filming or supporting filming at the listed location with this service as well as :

      • We understand that professional film companies will insure us for the use of our location.
      • We understand that the use of our location is a service to industry and can expect to negotiate compensation for that use.
      • We have done some thinking about what we are willing to allow with our location and are clear that those plans are represented in the contract that we negotiate for our location of service use.
      • If there are things that need to be discussed, as with any professional relationship, those things need to be reflected in our written agreement.
      • The providing of the location or service, in Ventura County, unless it is a permitted business within a proper zone, is a temporary use and requires specific permitting. This permitting is the responsibility of the film company. The location or service is named, insured, and protected through this permitting process.
What is the impact of filming to the regional economy of Ventura County?

See the Ventura County Film “One Sheet” for 2014 Info.