The order of the questions…

The five W’s and one H… And their order… in context of the issues being queried.

Who, what, where, when, why and how… The default is the how… wrong order to be sure.

Thurman… Where am I going and who is going with me?

Who is this information important to and why?

When is the plane leaving and who is on it?

How are we going to walk from here to there and when?

As these few examples are tapped… the smile of … oh, how many times have I gotten these in the wrong order? What has been the outcome of that silly order? How big was the train wreck?

And so, in context … from context … the order emerges. The Who, the What, the Where, the When, the How and, the Why… all in an order.

Just so.

How is that possible…?

As we move from one place to another, so many little processes, taken for granted, suddenly don’t work in the new space. How is that possible?

As a child grows… those clothes that were so comfortable … suddenly no longer fit. How is that possible?

The tree, planted a mere 70 years ago is suddenly breaking down, losing limbs, falling from the ground. His is that possible?

The need to preserve, to hold constant, to always have a thing in a certain way… that brittle moment of; on no, it broke and now it is lost. How is that possible?

What does a vital, fostering, dynamic, system look like? All of those aspects. When one starts to break down, to shift, to move… is there room to continue to foster and be in connection or, do we need to cut it away? Or, is there a larger play? What is possible?

They dynamics of living in dynamic systems is a wonderful challenge. The creation, gestation, birth, growing, reaching a peak, moving to mastery, moving to elder wisdom… the cycling gift of and wonder of this place that we live. What is possible?

From What to What…? All in the possibility.

Missing the motivation

Why don’t ‘they’ just understand that I am …

Creating Jobs… Using my own land… not bothering anyone…

The regulatory scheme is motivated by some event, situation, disaster, death, non-payment or… well something. Perhaps it was that a person didn’t like the next door neighbor 30 years ago and now… well they are both gone but the regulatory scheme that was spawned then lives on with us now.

Regulatory Motivation

I am not sure that it is something that we are aware of in engaging a project. All of these safety nets that are waiting to catch a set of behaviors…

I know that the more time spent on description and understanding of a foot print, the less the schemes surprise and the more that a ‘reasonable’ engagement to learn to dance with each is possible.

With a project, the passion of the ‘why’, the ‘who’, and the ‘what’ are the drivers. ¬†Solving, building, creating, making… The sudden engagement when the ‘where’ is not congruent with the whole is disruptive. It is as if the boat is sailing so beautifully and then… crash, hard upon the rocks!

So, take some time, measure the foot print. Describe clearly. Avoid the ‘not applicable’ box. Let the depth of the water that the project draws be clear. Then, the depth of the channel needed is also clear.

An ending and a beginning

The year ended with fire. The Thomas fire reminds that things pass.  Sometimes, things pass suddenly.

So now comes the sorting. The identification of things to be carried forward and those things to be set aside. Such is this ending and beginning. A set of gifts in the sorting. The sorting and passing off, continuing on and setting sights on challenges.