Filming in Ventura County

Filming in Ventura County

The EDC was designated by the Ventura County and by the CA Film Commission to organize to improve promotion, coordination and management of film activity county wide with the purpose to increase economic activity and investment. 

Since 2013, through the EDC’s Film Program, the Ventura County Film Commissions liaison has been working to facilitate communication between industry, location representatives and regional permitting jurisdictions to support and enhance film production in Ventura County and improve the filming experience for all parties. The VCFC website is designed provide support to industry professional in the following areas:

    • Film Locations
    • Film Permitting
    • Pre- and – post production resources
    • Talent and crew lodging
    • Production, start-up and business consulting

Interested in filming in Ventura County? Consider The who, what, where, when and how of the scene you are hoping to film in our county.

    • Who: the production
    • What: what kind of scene/shot you’d like to film
    • Where: location in the county (city, rural, near a body of water … etc)
    • When: time of day (between 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., before 7 a.m. or after 4 p.m.)
    • How: what elements will be included to make the scene possible
      • Train wreck
      • The use of fire
      • Filming at night with lights

This will help you navigate more clearly the film permit process for you will need to engage with more than two permitting jurisdictions in order to begin production.

The VCFC Film Liaison is here to help clarify any questions you may have about the film permitting process. You may contact them though here.

COVID Regulations of Filming

Ventura County is no longer obligated to enforce COVID regulations. All regulations will be put in place by the film industry. Please reference … to learn more information.  CALOSHA

Economic and Community Benefits

Ventura County has benefitted in the growing number of film productions in the county. Filming creates and sustains two jobs for every job created in local film activity. Production activity benefits more that 3,500 Ventura County trade workers and professionals part of industry guilds and unions who live locally the growth of film production regionally has allowed local film support services to develop with industry need resulting in improved production costs new employment and technology transfer to Ventura County.

The case study below highlights the economic impact of filming and how the benefits directly impact the local economy and community members.

X Dollars in 26 Seconds

The Warner Bros. Production film, Tom and Jerry, filmed its trailer in Ventura County. The shot was featured in 26 seconds of the trailer and produced X of … For the 26 seconds feature, each second brought in roughly $5769  totaling to …

The production ran from late December 2019 to mid January 2020 and engaged 8 local crews and trucks including catering and set dressing. The local impact per second was $653 totalling to the $17000 spent on location and permits. In total, 7 permitting jurisdictions were engaged.

Highly Filmed Areas

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