CivicSpark Resiliency Fellow Documents

Resiliency Fellow – Jennifer Quezada

Project Overview 

Film production in Ventura County has three main stakeholders: Ventura County community members, film productions and permitting figures. In order to better communication and develop understanding about the film permitting process among stakeholders my projects focused on creating awareness of the benefits of filming for community members, facilitating the film process for productions through the simplification of information and allowing jurisdictions to understand the need for them to prioritize film permits in order to increase the economic impact of film permitting in the county. The first project restructured the current accessibility to information on the Ventura County Film Commission website through taxonomizing permitting layers and determining patterns to communicate to stakeholders. The second was to create a GIS map as a visual and interactive resource for stakeholders to refer to and learn more in depth about the economic benefits of film permitting. And finally, the third project was the Permit Palooza where permitting figures gathered together and the GIS map was presented to filming figures to determine its efficacy. 

Gap assessments

The 3 gap assessment highlight the initial goals between the agency and the fellow as well as the outline of the research done before beginning.


Mapping Taxonomy


Contextualizing Film Permitting Agencies

This jurisdictional mind map represents the layers and relationships among the film permitting figures of Ventura County.


Historical changes and planning of each project with a simple description

Rolodex of Jurisdictional Contacts:  contact list and description of the film permitting figures

Capstone poster

This poster focuses on the GIS Map project and highlights its successes and next steps.



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