California Governor Newsom – Phases to Reopen from 4-28-2020

May 4th Executive Order N-60-20

The process of reopening will take place in four phases.

  • We’re still in Stage 1, said Dr. Sonia Angell, the state’s head of public health. That means government and private organizations are working to make it more consistently safe for essential workers, like grocery store employees or nurses. Those workers need more protective equipment and a more robust testing and tracing system.

    Mr. Newsom said Stage 2 was weeks away. The third and fourth phases, he said, are months away.

    Stage 2

  • Stage 2 will be when some lower-risk businesses and public spaces can reopen, also with modifications to allow for distancing. Those include workplaces like factories, with more spaced-out work stations, or nongrocery retail stores, but with curbside pickup. Schools and child care facilities would also be reopened during this phase. Dr. Angell added that workers must have enough of a financial safety net — including paid sick days — to take time off if they have Covid-19.

  • Stage 3

  • Stage 3 will be when higher-risk businesses will be able to reopen — again, with modifications. This includes nail and hair salons, gyms, movie theaters and sports without live audiences, as well as in-person religious services.

  • Stage 4

  • And Stage 4 will be the end of the state’s stay-at-home order. That will be when concerts, conventions and sports with a live crowd will be allowed to reopen.